martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

GM Jon Speelman vs MI Jorge Cori

Mañana, en la mesa 18 del VIII Festival de Ajedrez Gibtelecom, el MI peruano Jorge Cori (2483) se enfrentará al veterano (54 años) y legendario GM inglés Jon Speelman (2525). Esto es lo que se dice de ambos en la página oficial del festival:

It is almost impossible to summarise Jon's distinguished career in 200 words or so, but I'll have a go... London-born in 1956, Oxford-educated, IM title in 1978, GM in 1980, British Champion three times, twice winner of the Hastings Premier, winner of the Lloyds Bank Masters 1993, world championship candidate 1988 (beat Seirawan, Short, lost to Timman in the semi-finals), again in 1991 (only lost to eventual title challenger Short on a rapidplay tie-break), 14 successive Olympiads between 1980 and 2006 (winning three team silvers, one team bronze and one individual silver on board five in 1986), nine European Team Championships (including one team gold in 1997 and two team bronzes), 'plus'-scores against most of his English rivals, one of only three British players ever to have reached the top five in the world rating list... and I've probably not mentioned a stack of other achievements. As well as a player, Jon is a prolific chess writer and broadcaster, with a daily column in The Independent and a weekly one in The Observer (and - I cannot resist the opportunity for a plug - a column on the endgame in British Chess Magazine). One of the friendliest and most approachable of men, Jon wears his distinction very lightly. Described himself as a 'grizzled old hacker' in his chess autobiography but of course that doesn't do him anything like justice. He has played in all seven Gibtelecom Masters tournaments to date. His 'victims on the Rock' include Viktor Bologan, Emil Sutovsky, Mikhail Gurevich, Viktor Mikhalevski, Jim Plaskett and Juan Bellón (twice).

Born in 1995(!), Jorge is an exceptionally gifted 14-year-boy from Peru. He and his sister Deysi Estela (also playing in Gibraltar) are both world champions, having won junior titles at the 2009 World Youth Championships in Turkey. Jorge won the Under-14 world title. Their twin victories caused a sensation in Peru, His rating doesn't appear on the January 2010 list as yet, presumably because his national federation hasn't stumped up their FIDE affiliation fee yet - particularly frustrating for Jorge as he has all three GM norms and just needs a 2500 rating to get his title. Later: FIDE have given the January 2010 rating as shown (with Stewart Reuben advising that his title should be "GMc").

En la mesa 23, la MIF Deysi Cori (2412) se enfrentará al MI holandés Marcel Peek (2342).


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