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World School Chess Championship - Round 4 Summary

As the battle unfolds at the World School Chess Championship, several players are making an early challenge at the World title by singling out on the top with perfect score after four rounds. China team can be very satisfied with current standings as Han Chao (Open U15), Nie Xin (Girls U13) and Wei Yi (Open U11) are leading in their respective groups. Wei Yi is paired to meet another player with 4 out 4 - Vyacheslav Tatekhin of Russia.

WFM Pierina Rosales and Riya Savant are confidently walking through the Groups Girls U11 and Girls U9 respectively. Open U9 is dominated by Turkish representatives Denizcan Temizkan and CM Bilgen Sazci, who are sharing first with Russian Mikhail Perelygin. Ansuman Singh and Zantye Riddhi Pravin are paired for tomorrow’s round to decide in direct duel who will be the sole leader in Open U7. (Continue reading)

3.5 points are sufficient for Ana Kuchava (Girls U15) and CM Firmansyah Farid (Open U17) to grab pole positions in their age groups. In Boys U13, however, this number of points was reached by five players who are clustered on the top.

World School Chess Championship standings R4 open

World School Chess Championship standings R4 girls

Round 4 photo gallery

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